LX Financial

LX Financial LLC is a commercial mortgage lender and broker. LX originates and services the loans at no charge. We are often a co-investor, receiving no upfront income. We are paid out the same time other investors are. 

investment strategy

We focus on undervalued markets within the New York City commuting range. Project viability and capital preservation are primary considerations. Multi-family properties with high profit margins are preferred. Net rental incomes that cover our monthly payments are key. We typically make loans as follows:

  1. Purchase/refinance loans:  Loan-to-value: 60%, or less.  Yields 8.00%-14.00%
  2. Construction/project loans: Loan-to-value: 75%, or less.  Yields 9.00%-18.00%+

Flexible investment amounts

We can often accommodate investments for less than the full amount needed with a pari-passu structure. In this case multiple investors fund only part of the funds needed, and still receive first mortgage security. It allows you to diversify, and/or match your investment amount with available cash.

We are a network - not a fund

Investors are presented with all information to make their own investment decisions. Each investment stands on its own, with first mortgage security for each participating investor. Upon exit (payoff) investors receive their funds back. There is no automatic re-investment, but paid off investors do get preferred access to new investments.


Prospective lenders should not construe the contents of this website or any other documents delivered to a prospective lender as legal, business, accounting or tax advice. An investment in a private mortgage investment is subject to all of the risks inherent in investing in real estate, any of which could result in the loss of some or all of a lender’s investment. Prospective lenders are expected to conduct and rely on their own due diligence, including the merits and risks of any real property that will be secured under a private mortgage investment, including risks related to the borrower, its credit worthiness and ability to repay any loan made by a prospective lender, potential changes affecting the real estate market and industry, and regulatory changes. In all cases, prospective lenders should conduct their own investigation and analysis of any private mortgage investment opportunity.